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How you learn now transformations???

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@Hime@Juji Now with Fafurion the quest More than meets the eye was removed, but there are still Transformation Sealbooks and even you guys sell Anakim Transformation Sealbook for 150 hero coins.

My question is how you learn these books with new characters now that the quest who let you learn this transformation is removed? I got the item and want to learn it do I send a ticket to support and they will ad the skill or everyone who got stuck with this awesome items are left alone.

PS ppl still believe that this trans are the best for wyns.

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TY for the answer, I still have the idea of getting the transformation, Hope they have that fix but we know a lot of bugs come and no one know when they will fix it.

@Juji or hime or anyone from the company if I send a ticket is there a way to get the skill added??? like 5 years ago I got bugged with another char and they added the skill by their side IDK if this still possible or if it was only in that case... well I'll put the sealbook on the box of broken dreams xD

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