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Max NCoin purchase in 1 go

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hi, what is the max NCoin purchase in 1 go ?  I'm sure there's a post for this but rules and policy change flip flop so often that I'd like to hear from someone that buys NCoin regularly & knows this.

I have asked in a support ticket way back about prepaid visa's & what they told me vs what transpired when I went down that road was a horrible customer experience for me that cost me a large chunk of money lost with the card fees & stress for over 3 weeks of back & forth between billing support. After that .... I do not trust NCSoft employees or 3rd party wankers that just say whatever they feel like.


So, I ask the people that do pay to play, thanks.

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I don't pay to play but I think the best way to buy Ncoin in PayPal. It is faster and more secure. You can always try to get your money back from NCSoft but at the end of the day, Paypal has a 0 bullshit policy on getting your money back. Also, you get your NCoin in a matter of minutes, with Credit Card it can take up to 24+ hours to receive your coins. 

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It all depends on your location... If you live in the USA you can buy Instant NCoin cards(GameStop) or NCoin codes(Amazon.com)limited only by Inventory available... no activation or surcharge besides Sales Tax. I used to be able to buy codes from Amazon.com in Canada(with pre-paid Credit Card activation + Currency Exchange)... but when Classic went Live Amazon.com put a region-lock so the only way I can buy NCoins now is from NCSoft directly(Amazon.ca never had Ncoin codes) the last time I made purchases, I put 800 NCoin on a few accounts during HEAVY demand during first Month(s) of Classic and the shortest wait I had was over 72hrs(not counting Sat/Sun)

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9 hours ago, TheDeadMilkmen said:

hi, what is the max NCoin purchase in 1 go ? 

They don't have direct bank transfer option so you are forced to use credit card and web shop with all  fees.

On web 20.000 ncoins is max offer with no difference on USD/EUR. So if you pay in EUR is 250 eur same as if you pay in USD also 250 USD.

You can repeat purchase but don know how many times ( i paid 40.000 ncoins in same day - 500 eur).

Time a go they had max 400 USD/month for security reasons or because their deals with prepaid cards GameStop, Amazon and similar which made non equal users from other regions.

Evidently that rule restriction is removed now.

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