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Event preview for next months ?

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why do you ask??, the server is dead, the prices are abusive in the l2store.


The new players are crazy if they want to level with the rest (equips).


They need too many euros or dollars to be able to equip themselves decently. if they don't use euros/money they won't have decently equipment.

Event in this time is: players are online but they don't play or equips in the l2store money (this is not event). 



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8 hours ago, Aprhodite said:

Event preview for next months ? Why not? Is it difficult to have this planning?  hime , juji ?

There is no need for such thing at all. The servers are beyond repair.

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For a long time now, we are not getting any information on future events/promos. We simply read the maintenance newsletter at morning few hours before the restart! 

@Talen, game is expensive if you want to get high tier equip! New players are not going to buy all items, this is a huge problem for many and the reason we do not get new keen on playing fresh players. Many are fired up when they make a toon and play at the beginning, after that they calculate how much they need to spend and just quit :( 

All the top gear you see on the servers is simply rotating between old players. By the global world shouts, you can understand that we always have more players selling/quitting than the guys buying/gearing... :( 


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