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CP 103 LF Healer


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English speaking PvPvE CP 103-104 with discord server LF any class of healer, 103+. Must be very active. 

CP Times: 17:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 19:00 Wednesday; 16:30 Saturday and Sunday. Time zone: GMT+2 in summer time, GMT+1 during winter time. Usual play time is 2h 30 min, on weekends exceeds up to 4h (with break, of course).


-> AF/Altar/1x Faction from GC/AF/GoS (daily);

-> Epics containing: Ekimus, Epic Istina, Epic Octavis, Epic Tauti (once per week);

-> Other $$ instances containing: Tauti (once per week); Tavern (triple per week); Octavis (twice per week); Balok (twice per week);

-> Helios (in test phase) (twice per week).


-> Don't die one shot from mobs;

-> Before you will officialy enter CP, we must do a few instances with you.

-> Discord: you don't have to use voice chat every day, however, there are some situations when you must be there. You either have to be active on discord or have turned on notifications on your phone during CP Time. 

-> English at communicative level.

Who is in CP?:

-> Vullnat (Sigel Phoenix Knight);

-> PrincessEmilia (Tyrr Grand Khavatari);

-> Nisham (Iss Spectral Dancer);

-> Shelbos (Othell Ghost Hunter);

-> MrKiro (Yul Ghost Sentinel);

-> Quanthis (Feoh Archmage).

Other Info:

-> We share drops (for 8m and above, excluding basic crafting materials) equally with other CP members active during instance/spot they dropped;

-> We share payment of Rose Essences equally with other CP memebers present during activity they were used.

-> We use Rose Spirit for Altar/Factions/Helios.


-> PM Quanthis in-game;

-> Mail Quanthis in-game;

-> PM Quan#1669 in discord.

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