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[Gludio] AgainstAll is Recruiting


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Dear fellow gamers,

Against All Clan is recruiting you who would like to join our clan, clan activities and community on Gludio server.

You can be new to the game, old-school player, return to the game after a break or you are currently playing and looking for an active PvE clan.

Your level does not matter, so long you are playing your main class actively.

Against All's Perks:

  • Passive Clan Skills; 10% EXP, 3 % MP Regeneration, 6% M.Def, 3% P.Atk, 100 HP, 70 MP, 3% P.Def and 4% Empower
  • Daily Clan Reward; Clan Unity Buff (Level 2-4) and Clan Reward Box Level 4
  • Clan Hall in Aden; Teleports & 50% EXP Resurrection (if needed)
  • Clan Chat; English writing
  • Party building options; Our members range all from level 50 up to level 76. Majority of the clan members levels are 6x/7x.
  • Using Discord for better communication
  • Mainly Europeans in the time-zone; 18:00 - 23:00 GMT+0, Some NA and other time-zones as well.
  • Sieges
  • Clan Arena 

What we are looking for:

  • Active players who are playing their main class
  • Able to write and understand English in the clan chat and able to at least listen on Discord. Talking is a bonus though!
  • Following the Clan and Community Rules
  • If you want more information or have a friendly chat with one of us, please send a mail in game;

Eira (Clan Leader) and Beelze (Officer)

I wish you all having a nice gaming day!

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