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Did anyone else lose all their characters a few months ago?

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I haven't logged in, in probably 6 months.  My roommate and I had 2 accounts each, all full of characters and we would dual box and party together.  After this long break, all of our characters are gone and one account from each of us had the pin reset (we had to generate a new pin but only for one account each).  We were and are on Freya.

Did this happen to anyone else?  Does anyone know what happened to cause this?  I can tell the forums were wiped and reset so I wouldn't be surprised if the accounts were too, but I have not found others complaining about this.

Is this punishment for saying that the anticheat makes no sense for split tunnel VPNs for professional use?  I reformatted my PC so I no longer get disconnected for my VPN.  It was really stupid anyway since the VPN was split tunnel and literally only affected the 10.x.x.x IP range so Lineage was never accessed from a VPN, but the anticheat thought it was.  It's the Barracuda Network Access Client for business.  I had to choose between being available for my job, or being able to play this game so I chose work over the game but now the VPN is no longer used so the whole thing doesn't matter any more except that it should have never been an issue.

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Nope, and your chars would not be deleted if they thought you were cheating, simply account ban.

You must be logging the wrong server, or using the wrong account.

If not, make a support ticket & ask what the heck happened.

Is possible someone hacked you, then deleted your chars while at it. it happens.


Using VPN wont get you banned.

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