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Hi all,

First I want to send a thank you to the Korean dude who gave this idea or listened to player feedback about macros. We got old playing L2 and time is not something we have anymore. This feature brought me and a few friends back playing the game(for the fun part. Macros handle the boring one). We are happy that we are progressing in game.

Now for the improvements:

  • Add an option to the Auto Target/Macro to start the macro over again for every new target.
  • Create some workaround for when the buff duration doubles on the caster (when Iss gets double time on melodies/sonatas on himself) that he casts it again when time is right, so rest of the group wont stay without buffs.
  • Code a specific rule for Battle Rhapsody. When the buff still active and a second Iss casts it when there are 3 seconds remaining, the buff does not apply as expected with BR. Make it to cast only when the effect is over.

That's it for now. I'll bring more as I keep using and improve my perception over the feature.

Thanks again. Best feature in last decade? I really could never expect a good improvement like this from NC for L2. I got sincerely surprised. (y)

PS.: Support still sucks / Remove 50% normal attack critical damage nerf for bows/xbows please.

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