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Secret Brooch Augment (Bug or no bug?)

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Andouille    16




In the first Pic, We can read the augment i should get from my Brooch

In the Second pic, we are seeing a completely new passive that popped up from nowhere (3% reflect dmg)

In the third pic, we are seeing the augment i got.


So my question is, WHY do i have "3% reflect dmg" augment passive, when i should only have gotten -3% received dmg?

my second question is, Does this apply to all sort of augment on brooch? Are there other boost than reflect from other jewel?

Why does this augment even exist when it has never been in any of the augment list from Event information.

If you guys have any other passive like that let me know.

Would be nice to know @Hime or @Juji  point of view on that. thanks

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