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Atrocious "support"


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A couple of weeks ago I contacted support about a problem I encountered with the new automated next targeting system. Their first response was something along the lines of "read the patch notes", to which I replied that I had already done so and understood how the system is supposed to work. Then, after a few days of going back and forth with them and providing additional information about the situation, they told me that the automatic next target was malfunctioning because I was using too many auto self buffs. Good grief! Anyway, I limited the self buffs down to just 3 and -of course- the same issue kept on happening, so I decided to remove auto self buffs altogether and see how that worked, well, it didn't. Same problem kept popping up and resolving itself whenever it felt like it. So I open a new ticket since the previous one was closed by that point. I provide the previous ticket's number and tell them their solution didn't work. They proceed to suggest not to put attack skills and self buffs in the same macro, which I didn't do in the first place. They also tell me to create separate macros for self buffing and attacking. To my understanding, at this point they are suggesting that I magically find a way to run two macros at the same time on the same character. In my response I mention that this is not possible, they go ahead and suggest the following:
"Regarding your inquiry, If you think two macros should be cast simultaneously, then, we encourage you to post your comments on the forums, where our Community Team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: https://forums.lineage2.com/"

I decided not to respond again since it was evident at this point this conversation was leading nowhere. Now, I won't lie; I got a good laugh out of the replies I was getting, but at the same time it really isn't funny, is it?

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12 minutes ago, mixa said:

Post it in the Report a Bug section of the forum, describe detailed how and when you encounter the bug. If it's something relevant, I'm sure Juji will check it himself.

I DM'ed Juji about it a while ago. If anything is going to be done about it, I doubt it's going to be anytime soon and since I haven't come across the issue much for the past couple of weeks I don't care about it as much either. I also remember Neutron mentioning somewhere they could no longer access tickets because of the GDPR. Only time will tell.

Edit: With this post I intended to emphasize on the absolute lack of knowledge of basic game features/mechanics and perhaps English comprehension on the support team's part and not as much on the bug itself. Then again, I could be talking to a bot giving me canned replies all along and bots don't tend to have particularly good English comprehension as of yet.

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