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How do you like the new PK system?


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Lets try this as a poll form

So choose

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Terrible

And post any you feel is comment worthy after your ranking choice.




I think NCsoft has made a terrible choice to remove any penalties for straight out PKing other players. I have been trying to show people how it is so bad to prove my point and hopefully get this system fixed. Unfortunately no one has really posted anything about this on the forums here to get it fixed so I am making a poll where all can voice their opinion and let NCsoft know how you feel. I get a ton of crying, name calling, and trying to draw me with stabs at a supposed inflated ego in game so I know people are upset about how this new system works or rather doesn't work, please let us know here. I believe I have shown how just 1 person with no ego to uphold can keep everyone from getting xp in an area. Personally I could go either way but in its current form it is a terrible system. Either take away the whole PK thing and make it freely open pvp all the time or make a penalty for PK. Turning your name red and not being able to /targetnext a player attacking you is not a penalty by any stretch.

So what some will say because of course this is L2 and there is always a Mr. Laissez faire, that has always got to chime in a put a few words in that say nothing and have even less meaning or benefit to anyone. Here is why. If a top clan chose to they would pick 7 top players maybe a few more as backup incase 1 is sick some day. 1 player is chosen to be the PK greifer for each day of the week. So the whole clan except 1 player per day gets to xp freely in a given area while that 1 chosen player gets constant pvp all day long by just going around PKing everyone he finds in the area of choice. The next day, the guy doing the PK yesterday gets full party for the next 6 days while the others that were chosen to be the PK runners turns are taken. Essentially an entire area of the map can be locked down this way. Now figure that most people have a bunch of alts and some even with good gear. Several places in game can be locked down this way with just a little bit of clan leadership and dedication. Only reason this would not work is choosing a person to be a PKer that gets a smashed ego every time they get killed in game.

Why this has not been implemented in North American servers yet I can only speculate but I am guessing this plan has been implemented in Korea already because I and a few other players have heard they are already talking about or have changed their PK system. 


I would also like to say I am sincerely sorry for all the PKing I have done recently but to get a reaction and thus hopefully a change a few eggs needed to be broken to make this omelette.

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I don't mind it that much to be honest. Then again, I've always picked quiet xp spots over good xp spots so as to avoid the MS-Nova feud, so I can't really attest as to whether there is a serious problem.

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- Bad -


PKing few people who you don't like without fear of dropping gears sounds alright.

I've PKed many people since after PK penalty has been removed, and also got PKed a lot of times.

The part that I like about this PK penalty removal is that I can PK anyone that I want to PK. I also enjoy killing red toons and watching them waiting for 100% rez since you lose tons of xp when you died in red, and killing red toons wouldn't trigger a clan war.

However, 1 character PKing 100+ characters is different story. For example, as Ex and few others demonstrated this, PKing tens or hundreds of weak/lowbie characters doesn't sounds right. It's like massacre.

I hope NCWest will fix auto next target bug and bring back gear drop penalty.

Or maybe implement a new PK penalty, for example, like while you are red and have 10 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 10%, 20 PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 20%, ....., 90+ PK count decrease p.att/m.att by 90% or something like that.

By doing this, at 90+ PK count, it won't be easy to keep PKing lowbie/undergeared characters unless you clear your karma and/or decrease your PK counts using PK scrolls. It also will be hard to clear your karma by killing mobs due to huge decrease in p.att/m.att, so people will think twice before they decide to PK bunch of people.


P.S. wtb top-grade PK scrolls.

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Good 50%.

The reason i gave only 50% it is cose it is only half done work. Since there is no penalty should also not be a safe town. Probably only in 1 area of the world but not in any town. Since some one decide to be a pk then he/she should fight his/her way out.

You see Ex pk players that are afk. I can understand to pk a party of wynn that already are dmging the game for so long. Bot system that can ress/go town and come back automatically, but pk a main char by hitting for almost 5 min to kill, not cool at all. It loos the purpose of the idea that is behind of this action.

So the system it is only good for players that want to abuse it.

Personally i don't pk and i hit only flag / pk or counter atk  that has a +10 armor anything less it is to low so bsoe is a better option.

There is an exception for Ex that one day my arrow will find his/here a s s, til that day. Gz :)


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