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Kimziitoww    0




Chant o f vampire x1

Aura Flash x1

Break Duress x1

Cancel x1

Divine Power x3

Dual Weapon Defense x1

Party Return x1

Silence x1

Spirit Barrier x1

Summon Aqua Cubic x1

Tempest x1

Seal of Silence x1

Cursed Death Link x1

Lightning Strike x1

Summon Siege Golem x1


Enchant Armor A: 3x

Enchant Armor B: 4x

Enchant Weapon D: 1x

Enchant Armor D: 1x

Enchant Armor C: 11x

Enchant Weapon C:  1x


Agathion Soul: 1 x

Mid-grade Life Stone: 1 x

Gemstone A: 1 x

High-grade Life Stone: 1 x



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