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Healer Macro// Fast Helping


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Hello guys, Im new on Classic in this server..

Guys i wanna be auto farm with my characters at night(when i sleep just for level up). whenever, when i take macro with my healer and press the auto attack. my macro dont work and my healer goes to attack mobs. why ? how i can fix this. please help me.


and tell me how i can write healer macro, thanks..

why my buffer target mobs, not me

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Again, don't press the auto attack because that way your healer... auto ATTACK xD
Just make the macro, for ex:

/target %self   
/useskill heal
/target %party2
/useskill heal
/Target %Party1
/useskill heal
/delay 300

Save, put the macro in the shortcut bar where you put all your skills and right click

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