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Appearance Book: Save your Apps!


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I have been thinking of a huge quality of life change to Lineage 2 that would be beneficial to players and profitable to NCwest. Easy to implement in my limited experience.

At the moment if you want an appearance on your armor or weapon you either buy an app from l2store or an item in game that gets destroyed. In either case once you want a new app, you either need to remove your existing app or buy an entirely new armor set to place a new appearance on (Not feasible). An easy fix for this, would be the copy the way the "My Teleport Book" works and add in l2store item "My Appearance Book". In this book Appearances would be saved Using "My Appearance Flag" (Instead of My Teleport Flag) and you could easily switch between apps using "My Appearance Scroll" (Instead of my Teleport Scroll). Keep the prices similar to teleport book items.

This would allow people to have the appearance they want, switch with ease, and more apps would be sold due to fact you don't need to delete your old app to get a new app. 

Thanks for reading and considering my Suggestion,

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why you think so complicate?? appearence on a book?? see other games who impliment what u think ,,and you have under character screen 2 arrows for you to scroll through infinite character gear slots but instead of real upper body/gloves/shoes you keep there the appearence-so basicaly you dont need to bound the appearance on a item,the appearance itself its like a new item with designated slot to equip it and wear it just like your armour/weapon.sry bad english and ++++ for this ideea!!!!

P.S. for devs if they think its more profitable this current method,just think the iddea above its all about "gotta catch em all" the players who spend money they got 1 appearance full look and thats all,they will never destroy a appearance to put another over-and-over,this way they can buy all the appearance,and the ncstore could sell hundreds of appearance types its a niche market for lineage.

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I would honestly love the idea! I have my own changed so many appearanced on my armor and sometimes it's sad to remember that I have changed my previous appearance, and would like to go back... 

Loving the idea, maybe we'll have to wait for the furthur future for this to come. Maybe :)

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