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Bug Skill Iss Dominator ( dances and buff ) Help!

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30 minutes ago, Vants said:

I have ISS dominator 99. See screnshots, look at the buffs and dances. One Dance says it lasts 150 seconds and another dance with another icon says it lasts 5 minutes. And buffs are seen with different icons.an look buff, and dances.  It is assumed that the ISS Dominator can buff the clan without a party. That can not be done either.

Screenshot 1       Screenshot 2    Screenshot 3     Screenshot 4    Screenshot 5    Screenshot 6

Thanks for your time...


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Its not bug u need to wait a few sec's once u throw flag up to get clan skills up. The drums turn into sonatas which last longer when flag is up, but try to avoid doing ur drums because ur drums r actually better then the frenzy sonatas. And to answer ur question yes the domi can buff clan when flag is up out of party, and also if ur buffing different party's with flag and u throw up a ditty to that player/party that whole party gets that ditty but not clan.

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