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PVE semitop Equipment Progression

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We all know that the "end of the game" is the PVP.

Most new players and characters are unable to reach the old characters, who are very well equipped, without investing "abusive" amounts of money. And due to the nerf of in-game items and many "abusive" items in the L2Store, that gap gets bigger and bigger. Strong characters become more and more segments and new characters are getting more and more distant and difficult to reach this level.

So, I come suggest a progression of semi top PVE equipment.

Within the game, playing, they should compensate for the drop, spoil and crafting of items, at least up to R99. Also, for equipment up to R99, the chances of enchants should be maximized. A good option would be to leave compensatory quests that allow you to get equipment up to grade R99. (This can easily be adjusted by just setting drop and spoil rates, exchange costs on quests' rewards, and success probabilities in enchants).

Other paid items, semi top, could also be easily accessible (less expensive and more chance to enchanted), for example headgear with two skills, elemental shirts, PVE belts ...
Another useful mechanic for new players and characters, could be the upgrade of Paulina equipment, and could evolve into Paulina R99.

By enabling new characters to achieve better PVE results, it encourages the player to continue playing until they reach the top PVE and move to PVP, making the game more lively and challenging for old players and stimulating new ones.

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