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Just wondering what others think

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I miss full party size from back in the day.

How many people here can remember when a full party meant nine people or when an alliance consisted of more than three clans?  

I wonder how those settings would affect the dynanmics of gameplay today?  Anyone have any thoughts on these two questions?

How would it affect the dynamics of gameplay for better or worse if they put the party size back to 9 members?


How would it affect the dynamics of gameplay for better or worse if they put the alliance size back up to five (or was it seven?)clans?

I would love to hear as many people give their thoughts on this as well as anyone from the L2 Team. Hime? Juji?

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The game is just a show on. 1 player with 25-40 online box that play everything by him self. There are some party under the term of CP but nothing to do with the old L2. Imaging an ally of 600 players attacking Aden. Now the same thing is being done with 3 dragon wep and 3 pets/iss, that will non stop on hero chat  b i tc h ing for the next 14 days. Get an idea from Nova/MS + DrunkMadVekio . 

P.S. On sleeping time aka afk macro Nova/MS + DrunkMadVekio farm hand by hand on SOS.

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Because of all of the insane equipment now, that will cost you 2-4-5 Trillion adena or even more ( no limit atm basically ) + all the crazy consumables introduced in the game + easy leveling of support enchanters, a strong DD does not need a party, does not need a healer or a tank .. you just stupidly stay on 1 spot and use macro killing mobs in 1-2 shots.

If your character is rly well geared, you do not need any consumables at all, only 1 iss.  :(  

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I don't see any benefit of having 9man parties anymore.

Iss more or less have the same buffs,

Tanks are tanks, 

DDs are DDs

and healers is something that you may not necessarily need in a party with strong dds.

Now that class forces have been also removed and all classes have been buffed up, there is no point in 7man parties too.

Could do lower for sure.



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It's not just about party efficiency. Sometimes it's a PITB when a group of us want to go out but there isn't room for everyone in one party, and not enough people to make a second.

It'd be great if the party benefits were a little higher for less people. :)

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