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newbie problems

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Pickm4n    0

Ok so I discovered my beloved game to be in classic and f2p just yesterday. Amazing how Giran looks. I want to give it a go. One last nostalgic ride.


I did lvl20 in a flash, did some quest that gave me braclet for talisman(?) but my main problem is with weapon. I have no chance to grind adena for D grade from shop, all my little adena goes for blessed spiritshots for my lowest no grage weapon.

Is there a way to get D grade weapon form quest? 

Or should I buy something from L2Store?

Really don't know how to move from the point I am right now. Anyone?

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PixyLicks    13

there was a free weapon in the l2 store 15 adena  I think and this post is in the wrong forum its sound like you are doing classic as f2p gives you a lvl 95 weapon at start 

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