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The Gludio Server is dead, there are no people to buy or sell their items, there is no PVP in the siege. Olympiad only 2 small clans participate, has class that there is in competitor has, such as Wind Rider, Sorcerer, Spectral Summoner, Paladin, Tyrant... You do not find clan recruiting, only one clan dominates the respawn of all epic boss, why other clans do not have players. Gludio Server is dead. Please, we need a merge or server transfer service ... SAVE THE GLUDIO!

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Same situation in Giran server, just add some more bots. No wars. No fight for bosses. No pvp at sieges, No olys running except last weekend or when the rmt clan that rules the server decides to feed someone. Market dead no one has adena. Time for merge...Come on ncsoft you just need to work once, merge all 4 dead servers into 1.

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I just logged in Giran after 6 months offline , from my friends 1 was online of 39 (the others were offline 3 months till 6 months......) 

My old clan also 0/40......So everyone has the same view of things.Everyone found out that there will be no future.

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Actually all servers are dead. Giran is as dead as Gludio. There is no PvP, it's just a PvE server. 
People wont fight in sides 'cause, thanks to the osom developers, we have a Chain that hit the world, even if not flagged...debuffs like horror and mass paralyze landing 100% and Ponies hitting for 4k, no crit, even with top jewels. Ur best bet is to get an SWS to lv 80 and get Song of Purification in order to resist those debuffs, making pvp a lil more balanced. Even tho you will still suffer 3-4k+ each nuke from a pony. 

Plus, PK are going rampage due to the teleportation method and the fact they can do w/e they want when they run with mount while PKing with the summon. 

Not to mention this new 'legit-bot' we have ingame, making all players afk 24/7 and not even bothering looking at the screen anymore. 

Do us a HUGE favor, give us a "non-p2w" Live version of the game, the best patch of L2 'till that no-sense Brooch. 

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I play since I started in sever gludio, I donated for the game and every day that passes I feel that I play alone, clearly the intention is to get money at the expense of the patience of the people, but at this point it is almost not worthwhile to continue spending my time in a game that is an MMORP that has nothing massive players.
industrial quantities of bots, even do not leave lvl normal players who are the ones who give grace to the game, not even the "players" who use bots take care of the community, live in an egocentric bubble.
It is a time bomb that explodes, where only a couple of players will remain, taking hero out of their pets (there are many in gludio that has pet heroes) and selling items among themselves ...
I think Kamael update comes, well that's my limit to be in this game, if the pigeons arrive the classic thing definitely dies for me.

I hope this improves, but the months go by and the only thing I see is fewer people playing, is something wrong or is it part of the strategy? get money until there are no people playing ... sad for such a glorious game.

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