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Transformation System


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The Transformation System has been added to L2 Classic. 


You can open the Transformation system menu by using ALT+X to bring up the game menu and click on "Transformation" to access it. 

There are 5 different levels of transformations that can be acquired.

  • Standard/Advanced/Rare/Legendary/Mythic

A transformation can give you added boosts and stats when used depending on the transformation level. Each transformation has a 15 minute Duration with a 2-3 hour cooldown. The Standard/Advanced/Rare transformations have 3 hour cooldowns, while the Legendary/Mythic transformations have a 3 hour cooldown. The duration and cooldowns of transformations can be increased when you collect multiple sets of transformations in your collection.

Transformations can be acquired by exchanging x10 Transformation Sealbook Fragments with Pona in Giran for 1 Standard or 1 High-grade Transformation Sealbook. The Transformation Sealbook Fragments can be earned by completing Daily Hunting Missions (1 fragment per day). You can also obtain Random Transformation Sealbooks by opening Hardin's Magic Bag.

To add a Transformation to your character, you must first open the Random/Standard/High-grade Transformation Sealbook to receive a specific Transform Sealbook and then Imprint it in the menu below. Transformations of the same level/type can be stacked and collected for evolving or extraction.


Transformations can only be used when Magic Powder is present in your inventory. Magic Powder can be purchased from Pona in Giran for 1,000 Adena each. The amount of Magic Powder required to use a transformation varies depending on the level of transformation.

Level Magic Powder Requirement
Standard 15
Advanced 15
Rare 20
Legendary 20
Mythic 30

Evolve Transformations

Transformations can be upgraded to higher levels by spending other Transformations of the same level to evolve your selected Transformation to the next stage. A transformation that is already in use on the character will automatically be removed if the transformation used for the Evolve process.

Level Upgrade Required Transformation Quantity
Standard=>Advanced 10
Advanced=>Rare 10
Rare=>Legendary 6
Legendary=>Mythic 3

Transformation Extraction


You can extract a Transformation by exchanging a certain amount of Transformations Extract Scrolls (amount required varies by transformation level) and a 1,000,000 Adena fee. The extracted transformation will be removed from your transformation list and turned back into a specific Sealbook of the same type/level to your inventory, which can be traded or sold to other players. The transformation extraction process has a 100% success rate.

A transformation that is already in use on the character will automatically be removed if the transformation is extracted.

Level Transformation Extract Scroll Requirement Adena
Standard 10                        1,000,000
Advanced 20                        1,000,000
Rare 30                        1,000,000
Legendary 40                        1,000,000
Mythic 50                        1,000,000

Transformation Collection


There are 12 collection sets that can give a special stat boost or skill when multiple transformations are imprinted on your character. You are able to choose one activation effect to apply, and it takes 10 minutes of cooldown time to change one effect to another.

Collect the following transformations to receive these stat boosts/skills:

Collection Set Transformations to Collect Collection Set Effect
Cute Animal Friends Teddy Bear - Standard Max CP +80
Kitty Plushy - Standard
Panda Plushy - Standard
Kat the Cat - Standard
Special Season Santa - Standard Max HP +80
Hanbok - Standard
Halloween - Standard
Baseball Uniform - Standard
Formal Wear - Advanced
Striking Elegance Dark Knight - Standard P. Atk./M. Atk. +10
Chevalier - Standard
Archer - Red - Standard
Pirate - Blue - Standard
Wizard - Wine - Standard
Magician - Standard
Wow! It's Summer! Beach Swimsuit - Rare Increases Max HP/CP/MP +200
Seductive Swimsuit - Rare
Alluring Swimsuit - Rare
Uncontrollable Power Valkyrie - Standard P. Atk. +50
Barbarian Wolf - Standard
Cowboy - Purple - Standard
Musketeer - Blue - Standard
Ninja - Standard
Overflowing Magic Noblesse - Red - Standard M. Atk. +50
Noblesse - White - Standard
Sailor - Standard
Kelbim - Standard
High Priest - Standard
Rarity Collector Metal Suit - Rare P. Atk./M. Atk. +100
Samurai - Rare
Archer - Green - Rare
Formal Wear - Rare
Kat the Cat - Rare
Halloween - Rare
Highly Durable! Metal Suit - Legendary Activates the Collector Power that creates a barrier which absorbs up to 1500 damage for 10 seconds
Dark Knight - Legendary
Chevalier - Legendary
Zaken - Legendary
Very Strong! Archer - Green - Legendary Activates the Collector Power that ignores CP in PvP and inflicts a fixed damage of 1350
Archer - Red - Legendary
Magician - Legendary
Halloween - Legendary
Very Quick! Alluring Swimsuit - Legendary Activates the Collector Power that cancels nearby enemies' targets and teleports the caster to the rear
Vampiric - Legendary
Pirate - Blue - Legendary
Wizard - Wine - Legendary
I Am Legend Zaken - Legendary Increases Max HP/CP/MP +200 and P. Atk./M. Atk. +250
Dragon Berserker - Legendary
Anakim - Legendary
Lilith - Legendary
Freya - Legendary
No Pain, No Gain Zaken - Mythic Activates the Collector Power that fully recovers HP/CP/MP and makes you invincible for 10 seconds
Dragon Berserker - Mythic
Anakim - Mythic
Lilith - Mythic
Freya - Mythic

Collecting multiple transformation sets will also give special bonus effects that apply to all transformations.

  • Accumulated bonus effects increase depending on the number of completed collections 
  • Transformation Cooldown is reduced by 2.5% when reaching 2/4/6/8/10/12 collection completions and are added up (up to 15% reduction upon collecting all 12) 
  • Transformation duration increased by 5%-7.5% when reaching 1/3/5/7/9/11 collection completions and are added up (up to 42.5% upon collecting all 12) 
  • Attribute XP +10%, Attribute Damage +15 when reaching 4/8/12 collection completions and are added up (Attribute EXP +30% max, Attribute Damage +45 max upon collecting all 12)
Accumulated Collection Quantity Transformation Duration Increase Transformation Cooldown reduction Attribute XP Increase Attribute Damage Increase
1 15% 0 0 0
2 15% 2.50% 0 0
3 20% 2.50% 0 0
4 20% 5% 10% 15
5 25% 5% 10% 15
6 25% 7.50% 10% 15
7 30% 7.50% 10% 15
8 30% 10% 20% 30
9 35% 10% 20% 30
10 35% 12.50% 20% 30
11 42.50% 12.50% 20% 30
12 42.50% 15% 30% 45

Hide Settings for Transformations

An option has been added in the Settings section under the Screen Information tab to Hide your transformation or other player's transformations if you wish to see only the original armor designs for L2.

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