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Why dafuk is Aion transformation system being introduced in L2 CLASSIC!?

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Why Ncsoft??, you screwed your playerbase in Aion by introducing a stupid transformation system to milk money out of our pockets, and now you do the same on LineageII Classic.

Are you F' kidding me?, isnt CLASSIC meant to be an old school experience?, yet you are forcing players to wear stupid costumes in order to be competetitive... and behind a PAY WALL?

Because farming daily quests 18.000 days non-stop in order to get a Mythic transformation is not possible for a normal human being....

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Why are you doing this to me? 

I'd rather have .... single digit adena drops. 

I'd rather have..... never kamael update

just not this....

Why not a mount update??? Why am I afraid this is a one year recreation of how LIVE turned to shiet in a decade.

It's going to be the same thing. What's the point of calling it classic.... 

What's next? Mentor/mentee crap?? That's the reason I stopped playing years back.

I got into it again because I loved C4 with all my heart. Of course I keep going, and never give up....But when will this stop? It's gone too far...

I spend 3 days doing 2nd class transfer quest a few months back..now people do it with one click....

what is this? Transformations...we already have symbols. talismans. gems. We don't need no transformation crap.


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