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AW > PW & TH? Hmm.. well not quite...

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Hi !

I have been playing daggers pritty much since 2006. It has always been my favorite class.
However i have read allot about daggers on l2 classic and the only thing is that AW owns all?
This is wierd news for me since i have always had the best success with TH over AW and PW. 
There seems to be 1 skill that people seem to forget thats actually a game changer, its called Dash. 

The ability to have that insane speedboost (granted its only for 15 sec but its long enough to kill anything that wants to keep you at range) gives so much controle of any situation. This controle makes (well, at least for me) the TH far superior in PVP:
Dash insures that you waste less time chasing an enemy and more time applying damage. You can apply your skills faster than a PW or  a AW. 
It can also be used as a way to GTFO of bad situations which is also handy :)

People are so hung up on DPS (where AW's are superior) and forget about damage projection (where TH's are superior)
People might say that most targets are stationary when fighting a dagger since you dont want to turn your back on them. But you still need to get close to your target. With Dash you can start attacking your target with 1 - 2 less hits taken - Thats a huge win factor.

My point is: Whats the use of having a shitload of damage potention if you cant get close enough to apply it ?

Any toughts on this? Am i just talking bullshit ? :P

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Focus death adds 90% crit damage, TH is lacking one of those major damage buffs that PW and AW get.  You can use hide to ambush sneak someone, so they won’t see you coming, and they have two skills that allow you to see the back... bluff turns the enemy’s back to you and shadow walk ports you to their back, each having a stun mechanic built in.  TH is great too but AW and PW gets a good bit more damage due to this.

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