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Lvl 100 and stuck.

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The title says it all really, I've just reached 100 on my Feoh Storm screamer I've done all the quests from Penny my gear isn't the best but not the worst either. now every time I try a new hunting zone I run in and boom a mob puts me on my back in one hit, I've tried Hellbound the areas around Oren Giants cave even Rune temple, I tried them first at lvl 99 and thought I must get a big power increase at 100 so I left it till I levelled and tried again but nope same thing, Is there anywhere I can go with my ISS 99 boxed and solo? I'm not in a clan and enjoy playing but there are not many guides on the internet that are much use. P.S. if their are any patient clans out there willing to teach a lvl 100 noob give Zootz a msg, thx for reading.

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Problem is not your level, but equipment. PVE in the game now depends on your equipment 95% and the way you set your solo macro 5% + your boxed iss buffs.

Sad but true.

Guides will not help you either .. for 99-100 lvl there are many zones, but again all depends on gear. Better open a thread on the Feoh section, explain what is your gear, what is your iss, what do you want to do in future in the game and I am sure, you will find some wizard, who can give a good advice! 


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