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Update/Adena./Server Merge/ Economy/Future

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In this post ill be discussing these issues ^^ coming from TI classic server.


We never get any updates from staff about anything going on.. It seems like they need A LOT of complaints or people writing on the forums/tickets to get a response out of them...

Adena needs to be reviewed once again, the catacombs/necro do not even drop an appropriate amount of adena. 2nd I vote we need more adena events than XP, double or triple adena events or just fix the current adena rate. 3rd Make adena drop at elemental zones, This might be the way classic is, but i do think this hurts the economy very much so..

Server Merge- The only server really thriving is Giran, The other 3 servers need to be looked and reviewed for a merge.. This will boost peoples morale and make people want to play and enjoy the game like it should be.. 

Economy on TI server is trash, Hard to sell common items or harder to get items. There is not enough adena in the economy and that leads to a downfall where prices drop because people are desperate to sell. 

Future, Wish the GMs would give us updates about the future of this game and what is in the works.. @Juji 

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