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Rare Accesory

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Teribeth    7

Added in March when the Packs which used to contain them were discontinued(Divine/Noble/Ultimate)... https://www.lineage2.com/news/store-update-for-march

New Additions

Item Name


NCoin Price

Rare Accessory Pack (30-day)

(30 Hero Coins)

Double-click to get Blessed Antharas' Earring, Blessed Valakas' Necklace, Tauti's Ring, Earth Wyrm Heart Ring, Ruler's Authority, and Lindvior's Earring for 30 days. Cannot be used in Olympiad or Ceremony of Chaos.


Mysterious Abnormal State Resistance Dye (30-day)

(10 Hero Coins)

Bring this to the village symbol maker to imprint a 30-day magic symbol that boosts stats (Hold, Sleep, Paralysis, Mental Attack, Poison, Bleed, Stun Resistance + 20 / Buff-canceling Attack Resistance + 20 / 5% chance of reflecting physical and magical abnormal status). All classes.


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