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Watching TIs economy completely collapse

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Isn't it amazing, how bad management can push server from a healthy, populated one to a rotting carcass? :x I went to 'official' Discord... there were people posting screens from time when the servers launched. It looked amazing: vendors everywhere, massive amounts of people getting together to do those low level raids, etc... everything's gone now.

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Who cares? Just throw ur pockets into their faces when they'll send live the next p2w event.

They managed to kill a server in lesser than 1 year. They told all the lies they needed to tell us to give us hype when the server launched.

"Level cap will be 70", false.
"We wont have p2w items in the store", false.
"We're running 1.5 patch with improved QoL", false. 
"We're running the setups of any other free-to-play classic server", false.

Fact is...it's not even all their fault. It's ours as well. Those who've been playing in NCWest in the last 6-7 years, or however, since the launch of GOD, should have already figured out how they act. 
They don't. 
They just pretend everything is fine and then give you a new p2w items. People will always go and buy it 'cause they want to be competitive. So they make new items and more new items and people addicted to this game will ALWAYS spend. 

Increasing rates and making them the same as L2EU server (or any f2p classic model) wont be profitable enough for them 'cause you wont be buying from their own 3rd parts. 

So, in the end, it's not their fault. They care about money, not about ur feelings. They even increased the cost of items in the store prolly 'cause they noticed there's a huge drop on buyers so they had to increase it. 

It's out fault 'cause we keep coming back and get mad when this happens, but we already knew this would happen. At least, to me, it was quite obvious. They made it crystal clear that this would have turned into a massive fail/scam when, at the server start, we had our rates LOWER than the patch 1.0 of KR/RU servers. 

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They do. Just look at few recent posters, who are eager to buy pendants again. It's a simple fact that there will always, always be people who will pay for whatever advantage they can get. Buy pendants, sell them to gold farmers, spend that gold on the same gear they've gathered on their bots that are farming raids, lel

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On 29.07.2019 at 2:46 PM, AskeQQ said:

Soon Ncsoft will publish earnings of 2th quarter 2019, so we will see if they still get money after those trash last updates.

They just did this, and looks like players still buy NCoins like crazy. This pay to win system with inside bot works for NCSoft well so they are not going to change anything. I guess there is no point to hope for change and to bind future with this server.

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