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101 yul with red libra


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so im changing my dual to yul lvl 101 and i have a few questions

what are every yul class strengths? which does better with str ? (i already have all str dyes on it) using it for PvE 90%

and some other tips like SA on weapon, minimun weapon to play at 101 zone etc..

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Change to - Ghost Sentinel it has the top DPS, you need a Bloody Thrower +12 2/3 SA, SA ( Speed Fire // Fire ) archer needs P. Skill Critical damage.

You need balanced STR/DEX, you are still low lvl, but later you should have ~ 90+DEX for your Skill Critical Chance to be high and efficient.

About additional information, you can take a look at the yul section, there were some discussions about it.


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