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CURSED WEAPON - Naia Timezone


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I would like to suggest changing the Cursed Weapon activity period from (20:00 GMT+3 to 02:00 GMT+3 ) to ( 18:00 GMT+3 to 00:00 GTM+3)On NAIA SERVER. Simply it should start 2 hours earlier.

Now the time is not convenient for probably 80% of the players. Monday to Thursday are weekdays and it is pretty hard for people, who actually work to participate in this activity.

If you agree and think this is logical for our Eurozone Naia server, please support it! 

Thank you! 

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9 hours ago, Argus said:

who actually work to participate in this activity.

no matter the time, still will be the same ppl fighting for the control of the weapon, on max fuhu and llll. on the other side overdps and exeqtor.

is not a problem of time, is a problem of the ppl just dont want to participate, or why at any hour of the day, there is no ppl hunting the owner of the cursed sword ?

so its usless a change of time

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ATM the system is broken, cursed weapon owner is OP, the only viable change is to make it earlier and go from 6 hours to 4 hours … cursed weapon can always escape even hunted by the whole server, so hunting him atm with the way all this works = useless 

last 30 min ok .. ppl should go and attack, but how do it when it is 01:30 after midnight and I need to wake up at 7 for work, do you get the point? 

bad cursed weapon mechanic system, bad activity timing, all is flawed 

start at 18:00 and finish at 22:00 - 4 hours of action 

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