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How do i get the dual swords for begginers?


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1 hour ago, leanss said:

Hi im level 22 and i see a lot of people from my level with some dual swords, they look like the Samurai Sword. Is there a quest to get them?

L2 Store > Event > Newbie Pack

It's free, but only one per account.

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13 hours ago, belfast4 said:


bottom of your screen, while in game.

l2 store

It is the first place where I looked
but I don't find anything about dual swords or weapons as well as free as Jural says above

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After the last update the free newbie pack is no longer in the store. Now upon leveling to 10, new characters receive 15 day dualswords from quest rewards. (Though they're not not quite as good as the samurai swords)

If you're willing to spend money, there is a high grade starter pack in the store that comes with 2 tickets for 15 day B+10 weapons.

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