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Store Item Removal for 8/7 Update


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  • L2 Team

Hello All,

We will be removing several items from the L2 Store on 8/7 due to new changes in the update and low usage. Some of these items may appear back in the L2 Store in the future.

  • Weaver Agathions
  • Girl's Soulstone
  • Leona's Buff Scroll
  • 7-day Mysterious Race Dyes (Abnormal, Slaughter, and Hunt will remain in store)
  • XP Bottle Agathion 10-hour (remaining bottles can still be exchanged)
  • Entrance Pass: Fall of Etina
  • Entrance Pass: Krofin's Nest
  • Heavenly CP Cookie x10
  • Emperor's Special Cocktail - Attack (Replaced with new version)
  • Emperor's Special Cocktail - Defense (Replaced with new version)
  • Emperor's Special Cocktail - Magic (Replaced with new version)
  • Brilliant Beach Sun Cap
  • Goggles
  • Watermelon Hat
  • Stylish Straw Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Pirate Crew Appearance Stone
  • Pirate Captain Appearance Stone
  • Shiny Elemental Shirt Exchange Stone
  • Transformation Sealbook Pack
  • Transformation Sealbook: Anakim
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