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I saw some post about "don't do Oly".

Yeah, I don't do it. 

Legit question:

Are you, gms, wiling to put proof of battle quest item, required for exalted in CoC manager for adena to buy, let's say 1 proof of battle for 500k - 1m adena. 

I don't see a point waiting for late evening here, register, wait, wait, wait, teleport to arena, be killed in first 3 seconds, look at that guy kill 17 people in 40 seconds, wait, wait, wait, register, wait wait wait wait. .....CoC is feeding fest for endgame players. Why rest of the players have to go through this burden? 

Last evening it was good past midnight and I was done with just 5 q items, wow 75 to go.... All this time just to feed top players. End this.

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40 minutes ago, Thorgrimm said:

Where is that shirt event?

You  mentioned red libra, pumpkin. and freya event. Those are Active or done.  so next?  You announce cloak event instead? ;(

cause it makes more sense to have cloak event 3x in 1.5yr time (sarcasm)

they are afraid to release the shirt event as it will be another new huge p2w item aka dragon shirts so prolly waiting for that untill after or during next update so it will be drown out by the noise of that imo..

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