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WTT Greater Jevels / WTB cloaks+18/+20


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WTT Greater Ruby+20b for Greater Tanzanit/ Greater Saphire/Greater Opal/ offer

WTT Greater Amethyst /Amethyst 5 /Greater Garnet / Garnet 5 for  Greater Obsidian / Obsidian 5 / Greater Topaz / Topaz 5

WTT/S Limited Fists+14+3sa ( 2x Kain 10 stage) to Mage/ bow weapon blody+20++ or The same or better +/- limited weapon /offer ( if better I can offer additional adena)

WTB Elmore/Aden cloak+18+p skill power offer me, WTB Elmoreden/Faerios cloak+18/+19/+20 offer me

PM ME email in game on NAIA server nick Lc777 or leave reply here we can arrange deal between servers.

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