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Main Class Token: The Answer to the Dual/Main Dilemma


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Here's a thought that I'm betting wouldn't be too hard to implement: Why not let players choose who their "main" is by creating a Main Class Token, talisman or other doohickey that is bound to the inventory of whichever class a player determines to be his/her main class? You can sell them cheap for 1 ncoin or hero coin -- one time purchase per account -- since I imagine devising a quest for them would take way too much work and too long to test and debug. The ranking statistics would obviously pull from the token. Can't be too difficult to add that into the code, can it?

Otherwise, everyone who no longer plays their main will be forced to reroll. That might be more profitable for NCSoft, but it's bound to lose some players. It's worth it to find a practical solution.

Then again, considering how the rankings work, we all know only the "elite" players with no real life will always be at the top of the pack. :D

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