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Cursed swords are cancer and should be removed ASAP


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I don't know what went through your heads when you designed the no counter play cursed swords but it's the most cancerous mechanic I have ever seen. Every **** day same story. Both cursed swords run at 99999999% speed around low level areas and messing everyone up and there is nothing to do against it. Why should people pay for xp buffs and such things if every day zariche and akamanah are just gonna clear all zones and no one to stop them because they can simply port everywhere? If cursed swords are to be in the game, make low level zones protected from them or make them unable to teleport or use escape scrolls, put some mechanic into place to fix this stupid abuse. These 2 swords just contribute to the downfall of this game and devs just keep on going downhill with trash design such as these swords. This needs to be changed ASAP or removed untill a better mechanic is put in place. FFS even a protection buff for level 99 and under against pk/curse swords would do the job. Get on it.

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these weapons are the dumbest things I've ever seen in this game... same people always getting free adena, and still messing up other people's farm. absurd skills, can teleport, can do anything. does not make sense. 

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I Agree.

Long time player here. When Zariche was introduced (Akamanah came later) the big deal was the amount of power you would get + the insane VR bonus. You could xp where you couldn't before. It had its downsides, yes. No party, couldn't receive buffs from buffers, no teleports and so.

Then they changed the swords to not have a type, because Titans/Duelist had mastery for it and so obviously advantage.

Then came the element system. No update to the cursed sword. Only raw p.atk was not good enough.

Then came Goddess Of Destruction. VR became chance based, not on every single hit. The biggest nerf to the cursed swords. And still no element to them.

But even still, you only needed to kill a few folks and it was good to go for your not so good anymore xp.


Now its all about killing to get adena at the end. They go after 99 hunting zones where each kill of lowbies 99/100~ doesnt give them any actuall usefull point to boost the adena at the end. What about picking it up and still hold your own weapon? WTF the concept is just trash now.

And even worse.. the bleeping thing that takes you back to town.. I would rather actually die then this.


Please fix them.

Make them kill instead of that disgusting cage / Make the VR 100% for them / Give element and keep making able to receive buffs.

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