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How to change old dual class to new other class


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EX. Now I have sigel hell knight as main and sigel eva as dual, I want to change eva to shillien knight. How I can do it?

I search for many tread and  found  I can do it that via red libra event. but now it's gone.

I saw new NPC Dual class master but i'm not sure what it can do? Can any one explian it to me?

1. on with dual class
   - I guess this it for new char who never have dual class ,use this sentence to add dual class right?

2.Can I reawaken my awakened dual class?
 - It is that for I want?   
 - if yes but I don't know what it mean of "you need the cloak you recived when you 1st awankened it" + 80m adena 
 what I should bring to npc? 

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25 minutes ago, Dargor said:

It's the Abelius Cloak. Keep in mind that unlike Red Libra if you switch your dualclass this way its level will be reset to 85.

Ah ok thx for confirm. I don't serious that will reset to 85 I'm new coming to server. 

Look like I should find the way to collect 80m adena to change new dual class.

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