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Tale about DreamySomething and Damage


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once upon a time in Blazing Swamp (omg, i still wonder what he was looking here)    little DreamySomething was roaming over Blazing Swamp and looking for sourse of power, since he doesnt have own, But little DreamyNothing found big scary monster (i have checked in mirror, that is really scary) and woked up it. 

That is sad tale - monster seems got win. 

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Poor little pony (who was obviously doing the same thing as DreamySomething was doing there), couldnt even transform a feoh with full defensive skills (since his main happens to be a healer), was spamming defensive skills (along with a little Tanza 6 that can make him so proud) against a feoh without sonatas. But, for full disclosure, little DreamySomething for sure could never kill an active dominator with tanza 6. Truth be told though for those who didnt notice party members being dead, in the end little pony has to use a mysterious scroll on him at the same time as crying in clan chat for help but his papa is too busy to come save him.. (even though propaganda LordDragon is shouting at the same time in naia that liar Dreamy used bsoe against an iss). Well shit happens. Gj little pony, you must be extremely proud of your achievement. I ll enjoy seeing you tonight at dim siege... oh wait.. my bad :)


Full MoC Force!

I ll leave this here since you wanted to brag on forums.. Your clan members looking for the full MoC force... and the FULL force comes to attack one of your hero parties.. oh well.. they are all so scary (all both of the full MoC force) that i couldnt help myself and add music to the video... i ll ignore the damage i m taking from the rest of the party. Have fun little pony. Enjoy the ride while it lasts and once again, i ll see you at tonight's siege... oh wait... my bad again <3

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You are so delusional and so brainwashed that you can find a full party from a clan that only has two members. I m not gonna ask in what case it was “alone ppl” since on both videos you outnumber us. Your video is me vs you plus your bots which actually don’t interfere so it’s a 1v1. Well ofc you felt the need to call your daddy to help you but guess what. He doesn’t care.  second video is 2 vs a full party which you can actually see chasing us until we turn around and they run for their lives. Including a hero yull that can actually 1 shoot me. 

So keep being proud and keep believing what they feed you. And who knows maybe one day I start chasing you again and more ppl retreat to their box clans. Till then I can afford over 1500 deaths. Still the score wouldn’t be even close to even. 

Love you all brainwashed potatoes. Bad Dreamy started a war cause he is stupid. Duh. 

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