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I would like to suggest that you change the macro/auto target system.

The way it works today, auto target can happen anywhere in the order of the macro. My suggestion is that when a mob dies and a new target is selected, you also reset the macro and start from the first command, rather than where ever in the macro order it happens to be.

Let me know if you need more info on what i am asking for.

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8 hours ago, TEXito said:

I cant understand why u need that... are u using a spoiler like main assist??

It would be great for wynns, in the current setup I need to add /summonattack to every second line of the macro, otherwise my character would start casting marks on a mob, but my pets would not attack until the macro goes back to line 1. This is very inefficient and leaves me at a risk of dying.

PS. greetings to all the beloved forum moderators, especially EmperorLeto. I love you all!

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