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56 minutes ago, Kellian said:

 This Issue was there right after Fafurion update when i upgraded my weapon into krishna one. It started  lagging same like now but it wasn't very frequent so I just decided to blame it on my internet then the lag got stronger after a new launcher update and yesterday it became unplayable. I just dont get how can this be happening its like we are being forced to quit and stop playing the game that we like. Every other game works fine for me Guild Wars 2 is playable Dota 2 is aswell so it cant be my internet or PC. I'm just disappointed I'ts like SS lag again that didn't get fixed for months but that was playable at least.

Yes i noticed that too... It indeed appeared when Fafurion/Prelude 1 patch was installed.

When i attacked a monster with a single keyboard button press (I have "/attack" on my shortcut bar) everything was fine.

But when i hold down the keyboard button to continually spamming to "/attack" the moster, the visual attack rate was much slower than normal, DPS as well...

the Atk. Speed doesn't changed however.

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Come on guys, it's not nc fault for the lag. An alien virus affected all your computers at the same time that's why you can't play. Blame your internet, blame your PC's, blame even alien life maybe, but not nc. Everything works fine there. 

(@Juji you see, I'm ready to be hired by support team, i pm you my address to send the papers to sign!)

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Will any GM answer on this topic ? Will this bug be added to known issues ? With my Titan, after the updates, I earn exactly 1/2 in of the experience I had before i hit once and 1 sec delay, hit once and 1 sec delay ... it's a so pointless to farm now .

 @Juji @Hime please reply to some of questions about this issue on forum, thank you !

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