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Cloak - Elmoreden


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Hello!!! i want to talk about the pvp cloak Elmoreden, which i believe is not equal to the others because first of all the worth is not even close to each other, Elmoreden even +15 does not worth that much. Perhaps needs to be re-made because the bonuses are not that good as others plus the skills starts on +18 which is also unfair.


i believe that this item needs to be reformed and to be equal and a reason to people to buy/sell, even when pvp most of the people have elmore because of the 7% p.att plus the skill on +18, why should somebody invest on elmoreden when elmore does both (almost)

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This cloak is okay, it's a pvp item that actually doesn't exist anymore. And to get crit damage from the Elmore, it needs to be +18 and it's not like everyone runs with one, while Elmoreaden gives good pvp boost even at lower levels, like +10 or so.

Also it's your problem if you invested in the wrong item lol.

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i have no problem and i  dont think i invested any adena wrongly mate, all i m saying is that in my opinion that item is not honored enough. if ur expectations are these that is fine but do not try to judge an opinion, u can just say urs without having to "target me". anyway thanks for sharing it

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