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When will they look a little less for money and a little more for players?

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Well, I'm a pre GOD player when we paid to play. Recently I went back to play with some friends and realized some things that destroy the game economy but two things particularly caught my attention.

The first, today you go from level 1 to 100 in 24 hours but when it finishes has 4m in the bag in addition the game has no areas that can get adenas, there are no drops or spoil as before. Instances are total waste of time, do baylor to win 2 elcyum? Omg!
The second thing, you got level 100, great! And now? How to level up faster when there is only one area with good xp and weak enough mobs (Blazing Swamp) to handle the items you have

My big question, NC, when will you stop thinking only about money and start thinking about the players that made this game so glorious for so long? The American server has already changed several things compared to Korean, such as the jewelry system (in Korean you buy from mammon). Can't adjust areas and instances to fit current level of NA players? Top player is level 111 and you are making areas for level 120 with no conditions for new players with bad items. So @Juji, could you answer my questions? Are there any plans for new players or returning players?

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I made a similar post, but they deleted it and banned me from the forum 24 hours. All that happened in less than a minute, it is incredible that in post of this type they are so quick to see them and do some action. But when asked your presence to answer questions, do not appear

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