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Lineage totally lost its luster.


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How to attract novice players if NCsoft was unable to combat users using banned programs? And that today, these users have simply become the bosses of the servers they are, have they created their powerful clans? In the same Freya, you realize that most heroes simply do not chat in hero chat, that's why, they're chars set up to just pick up the statu of hero, and this, no one can deny. Because it can attract new players if Ncsoft creates so many items that it destroys every argument of the player's ability, the items today is who commands the games. Player wants to:


1 - To be able to create its clan and its alliance and to be able to dispute castle siege, but this was destroyed when the dominant clan of the Freya for example, owns all the castles, as it animates the town? There is no way, you arrive on Sunday, and you no longer have that good feeling, waiting to count the minutes to invade a castle and make a beautiful Siege, because the ruling clan owns everything, install their clan support to catch all that the castle produces.

2 - You go to the COC and have no chance with anyone, because there is always a Hero there, using his equipment and everything, which he could not even with effort.

3 - Formerly the ads was: Looking for player for clan, for PVP / PVE, and that's it, but that changed, now only looking for PVE player, that's a shame, Lineage 2 PVP is praised.

4 - How to cheer up with a game, where the ruling clan virtually dominates every Big Boss, and so they decide the price of items, expensive jewels, expensive weapons, expensive everything. You're going to kill mobs to shoot, and drops 1 adena, that's in lvl 99 area, ridiculous that. Formerly you killed Boss and drop weapons, drop items, this does not happen.


Summarizing everything, NCsoft itself is guilty, does not create rules, does not investigate castles, does not prohibit the use of certain intenses in the Olympics or COC, does not seek to make the game attractive. They want to fill up the game store for items to sell, but forget that this makes the stronger ones even stronger. Therefore, I think that all Big Boss, like dragons, should all become Instances, for everyone to have the right to kill the Boss, to have access to the jewels and so on. To inspect or find a way to prevent a clan like Max from owning all the castles in the game, for example. Although they deny it.

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Many should change in game dear xonoveva.It seems that some changes are starting to show up lately.So lets all hope that they will see in future what pepople wants and slowly put in game.

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I agree, game is really broken, it is impossible to balance it in few days or weeks!

Balance changes will take probably 4-6 months or even more ( depends on the rate people xp and gear up, in Chronos will be fast, for Freya and Naia without a merge will be painfully slow ). They need to change the prices of l2store items, introduce "Most" of these items as obtainable ingame by farming/playing. At start introduce more defensive items and less related to dps. Lower the XP needed to get to 105, more free events etc etc.. 

There are ways to improve the game, but reaching real balance is impossible, we all know that! L2 was never famous of being well balanced :D 

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