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Drop l2store prices 3 times for once!!!!!!


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Hi all.Just for 1 good event in near future(like cloak event),ncsoft try to put the event prices 3 times lower.For fishing for example put the 10k fishing coupons for 4000ncoin.Maybe with that way your profits would go up.Maybe people will come back to game.Maybe new players will start .I am asking for once to just test that.Just for once make the test!!!!!!

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We all know, L2Store is here to stay, NCsoft will not remove it, but slashing the prices will help out the majority of players to pve/pvp properly again! 

16k ncoin pack should be 8k or less, 8k ncoin pack should be 4k or less and so on. I am sure they can balance things out, only IF they want to! :D 

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