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WTF did you do to A grade Accessories?


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I just noticed last night that the mdef of unsealed A grade has been nerfed, and the bonus for unsealing it has been increased?  @Jujiwhen did you guys slip this gem into the game?  I dont recall seeing it in any patch notes.  So a Black Ore ring has a base mdef of 40, and an unsealed Phoenix ring USED TO have a base mdef of 42 I believe with an additional +2 when you unseal it.  Now an unsealed Phoenix ring has a base mdef of 38, with +7 after unseal.  And of course to unseal it takes a cloth.  Seriously, whats with the sadistic changes being made to the game?  Are you trying to kill this game intentionally?  Adding runes to an A weapon went from 5 A gems to 108, you destroyed the shoulshot market and reimbursed dwarves pennies compared to the millions and even 10's of millions of adena they spent on recipes, and now you nerfed the heck out of peoples accessories?  What gives?  Activity levels are plummeting as people grow tired of navigating these ill thought out changes that are coming way to rapidly.  Oh, and I forgot the add, 9 out of 10 daggers are rerolling or quitting because of what you did to them, they thank you for that.  

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