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I need to report a bug about teleport fees for dual class. I was in bloody swampland with 2 toons (camelred & Stoutman) lvling. Both toons playing Dual Class. I finished lvling & soe'd out to dark elven.I went to teleport with both toons & saw that it will COST me port fees:/ for both. Camelred is 85 on main & dual class, but dual pays for ports:( Stoutman is 85 on main & 78 on dual & the dual had too pay for ports:(  I tested this on another toon (LowriderHD). The toon is 85 main & 78 dual. The dual had too pay for ports but not main.

I had a friend also test with her characters.

Please test your self & fix asap.


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It depends on your class. If either Main or Dual Class is a Spectral Master, you will have to pay for teleportation early on, while for example Fortune Seekers can teleport for free until lvl 94. This is intended to make the Adrenaline bots' life more difficult resp. less profitable.

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That's a return to the old system. Before all teleports went more or less unintentionally free, you could only port for free with your main class until you reached lvl 76 or whatever was the limit for free teleportation at the time. That's the reason why Dimensional Diamonds are given out as reward for the Red Thread of Fate subclass quest and then again for the Noblesse quest. With those Diamonds you can buy town-specific Teleportation Scrolls from any Gatekeeper.

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