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Accessory Enchant Rate

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5 hours ago, Vlademere said:

What is the enchant success rate for the new Eva Event?

I've spent x20 Stabilized Enchant Scrolls and only 1 success.

My bad luck is ridiculous or this is how it is?

P2W items are usually hard to enhance (enchant or other). So I'd say pretty normal stuff there.

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If everyone is using Stabilized enchants that means they already got it to +6... don't really get why you are complaining.

Eva's Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory: is what you should be using to get it to +6 

Stabilized Eva's Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory: Can only be used at+6 or higher.

The real problem is getting this Stabilized Eva's Scroll ONLY, when you need the regular Eva's Scroll.

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The first p2w event for the pendants was the only one where they didnt shamefully rig the odds to force bigger purchases of NCOIN.  They have gotten worse and worse since then.  The Talisman of Fate event was clearly rigged for the odds to drop to almost nothing after +6.  I wont even bother to buy a single NCOIN for this event, I'll just make some low enchanted ones with good augments instead of participating in their scam.  I dont know if its an actual Law or just a policy of the App Stores, but mobile games are not allowed sell stuff like this without disclosing the actual odds.  I dont know how they are getting away with it, but I've learned my lesson.  


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