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Change PvP to PvE?


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2 hours ago, Elinnior said:

Hello all,

I have dark bow and want to change it to bloody. I cant find any info about cost of this exchange and do my weapon will keep resent agument. Please help with this.


The cost is the same as applying bloody or dark ability to a blessed weapon. It needs basically GE, Gemstones, Bloody weapon Stone and EoD.

About the augment, I'm not sure, just go to the blacksmith of mammon  and if you can see the weapon and the required mats, then it's very likely that you can keep the augment. If you don't see it, then no.

PS, this is s costly exchange.

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If you have all the materials and you don't need to buy anything, it is not a bad idea to change to a bloody bow.

The thing is you already have 15% p skill critical dmg augment, which boosts your dmg and yul is good enough even with dark bow. Most of the monsters you kill on macro now are weak in general.

If you really want to boost PVE dmg, you will need to have a bunch of items and augments, all of them expensive. If you miss most of those core yul items, changing to bloody will not give you a significant increase on dmg, while hunting.

Still, if you plan to macro 24/7, bloody bow is the way to go.


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I wouldn't change it. You still xp fairly well with a Dark weapon. The 15% PVE bonus helps some, but it's not the night and day difference that you think.

Save your money, because when you upgrade to R110 weapons, you'll need to make your weapon both Dark AND Bloody in order to evolve it to Limited status. A Limited R110 weapons give both benefits of Bloody and Dark, and it gives superior stats across the board. Don't waste too much money on R99. In the long run you're better off getting a R110 weapon now and start the process of making it Enchanted then Limited.

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