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Thanks for deleting my sub classes !

Did you even tell people about this before it happened ?

Waste my time lvling them up for what. This is what I'm talking about , there is no stability anymore, everything changes too much at the drop of a hat , deleting peoples sub classes , why ?


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It was said in the patch note that subclasses were going to be removed, you should go check it out.

Subclasses were removed, but the subclass skills are replaced by on skill that is a combination of ALL previously existing subclass skills. So it's an overall buff (especially if you're ertheia). Go talk to dual class certification master in Aden or Talking island to get it.

As for the subclasses utility, they've been replacing all useful skills for the past years, and making prelevel 85 easier and easier with time, so their relevance was completely gone. I'm not surprised to see their gone nor will I miss them.

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