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Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Monday, August 19


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2 minutes ago, JatenoMamilos said:

Good hope we fix the latency problem! and don't forget to look at the bug at atack speed !! Is it a good compensation because only a rune of 200% exp is not enough for those who are free players to feed the drops of instances? if it's not too hard to farm and my pockets can't stand it !!
Thank you and good work!!
PS please do not come with me whimper !!

I do not really understand what you mean, but I hope you use the google translator and it will be clear for you. 

We are going to get a compensation, but we need the servers to be stable in order to use it. When we do not have lag and attack speed delay is fixed, we will get free items, do not worry about it. :)  

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1 minute ago, Keyra said:

You didn't give any preferences and I'm truly sorry if it offended you. Next time I will be more considerate, or even better shut up completely. 

Not problem :x That's my fault xD This place not the right and appropriate forum to get suggestions ;) 9_9 ^_^ 

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5 minutes ago, meskiukas said:

you can always put delay in macro or just make to target specific mob not next target, or just make longer macro

i use mob name but still if mob dont die and macro restart takes other mob with same name

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