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Ruins of Agony - Giran Server


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I just wanna start by saying i am now completely 100% certain that GMs are pretty much useless.

1 stroll by Ruins of Agony and they would instantly spot at least 40 bots. 
No, i'm not talking macro chars, i'm talking, same exact route, same exact pattern 100% bots that respawn as u kill them and come right back. Over and over and over again.
I get that you have COMPLETELY given up on fighting bots, but can you at least pretend that you care by walking through the most common areas and clearing them from the damn bots once in a while.

This game is stuck in an endless loop. Adena-sellers pay for bot programs, then use it to make Adena, then sell for real money. This is money laundering at it's finest and it's completely allowed since you turn a blind eye 100% of the time. I bet even L2 staff is in for profit with bot programs. Otherwise they are plain stupid for literally killing the game. 
We don't need enchants on hats, we need some damn regulation, which is literally your job and you suck at it.
I am sorry for the rand, but between the stupid PK-Teleport system and botters, there is literally no room for active people in this game anymore.

You took a game we loved and milked it to the last drop.

Congrats on killing l2. You're useless

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It's worse. I started getting harrassed. Literally stalking me wherever I go. Someone randomly harassed me by half-pking me for no reason. I have reason to believe the top clans and rank 1s are part of the bots and adena farmers. I read somewhere else that these sellers will bully new players so they need to pay up in order to farm at higher levels. 

Agony is hardly the only place. Pretty much every spot that is easily farmable has bots in them. Agony is just a little annoying because it is now a major quest hub and you need to farm there to level up. Bots in places like Sea of Spores didn't bother me that much, but this literal organized mafia type activity is something else. I don't think it's the bot programmers. It's the adena sellers who also seem to actively secure everything else like raids and even access to certain zones by pking you with dedicated pk characters. 

I hope NCSoft will take note when it comes to real bullying in game and not just bot farming adena. There is no "healthy" competition. People are doing seriously organized and dedicated operations to control every aspect of the game on a server. Rank 1 is not achievable by people honestly playing the game. This is far more then mere bot farming. Not really sure it's in the best interest of the company if potential new customers are literally being driven away by thugs in game. 

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Wow you weren't kidding. I went to check it out and there's clearly someone running a whole bunch of kameal bots one per spawn with two buff bots running around buffing everything. I found one spot that wasn't taken so I started working on the quest (I'm checking out the new player experience). Within a relatively short time a kameal showed up and shortly afterwards a red level 60 ES showed up and killed me and only the non bots.. Talking island has a similar situation but with pony bots instead of kameals..

It's sad because just removing instant teleports while in combat would fix so many problems with this game beyond the PK issue. Hell I'm down for a complete removal of the teleportation system because you know this is supposed to be "classic" not "live with less p2w". The halfway fix would be adding a cast timer to the teleport option with GateKeepers giving instant teleports. They could also just make it so reds and people in combat cannot teleport... All kinds of options and none of them will be taken. It's not like our classic is the first time this crap has happened. There's already examples of people using perma reds to completely control leveling. those examples are now considered dead servers for that reason.

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All this about agony is made with the only purpose to give fertile soil for the bots. Just think - monsters respawn places (in small groups ,on very small area,with adena drop rate close to normal and equal to adena rate in 40++ hunting zones) . Perfectly for bots to farm without messing with eachother ,perfectly for creating a pattern that would be easy for the buffer bots ...... And NC just refuse to fight with the bots,no GM even walking through the area even if only to check. The only conclusion is that NC has big profit from the bots . Even if one is dumb he can see through the transparency of this . Game is dead !

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Yeah, I've been macro hunting in RoA for a while because it's a good source of income, but I have to check every 5-10 minutes because a bot will just walk into my spot and start stealing my mobs. I killed a bot 10 times in a row before giving up, because it would just keep coming back in less than 1 minute until you're the one who leaves.

Also those bot buffers running around using the same route and pattern every time, it's always the same ones. Same for the bots hunting there, always the same names, showing that NC just doesn't care and lets them go unpunished. 

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