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Ertheia Dual Class

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Majdanozi    1


I am erthia mage main class, what is the best dual to select, most people told me mage, but i wanted summoner (i can use summ with robe) and same weapon ofc. I like mage but summ is lazier to farm IMO. what do u think. And what should i use as Dyes for both main/dual ? Cuz for armor and weapon im using same robe + retri (not much adenas to spend :p)


thank you

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Droid    3

Play what ever u want. That being said, if u go feoh you will get more partys at higher lvl than wynn (cuz of aoe)

And the dyes you need 1 set for main, and another for dual, its not the same dye for both, if u want +15int on both u will need 6 dyes +5int.



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Not expert in that but i have read that summoned is better in light set and that many summons are dependent on p.atk.

I leveled Seer up to llvl 100 and cursed myself all the time like who forced me to do it as she is too much sign dependent with big restrictions on skills usage.

I chose feoh as dual.

Whatever class you choose you will have a lot more skills on disposition when needed which will be a real rest from Ertheia.

But is just personal and subjective opinion.

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Eljie    0

Play that class you want, and not what other tell you to do. In the end of the day, it is your game and that you shall enjoy.

I think, it is a good idea to go summoner as you can share your equipment, even as robe user. When it comes to summoners, to be plain, it doesn't really matter what kind of armor you are using, so long it is bloody (PvE). Bloody goes straight over to your servitors with your self buff (lvl 99 skill) "sharing equipment", and not needed to be converted first. For your bloody retributer, goes straight to your servitors too with the skill. It is a really fun class to play!


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