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Come on guys, the problem was about lag, right? Well... You can't lag if you're not logged in. 

Problem fixed!

I have to admit, it was a smart fix from nc that i never saw it coming. Great job!


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limit of 3, please put it back up before placing a queue system, when you have a CP and can't fuking log csu being in queue, what mess do you think it makes, nmot trying to log 3 or more accounts, just one and I can't how stupid is that

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I'll take nothing less than 7. Too lazy to have multiple computers on to do all my quests at the same time, but also too lazy to do my quests 3 toons at a time. All, while a non paying user can log just as many boxes and while Chinese farmers laugh with their unlimited boxes.

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7 hours ago, KROCERA said:

Server is full ,tnx NCSoft , tnx !

that's what im saying bro, thx NC for making this awesome game

thx for the GM buffs too, they were amazing lol @Juji the man!

thx @Juji & @Hime & @dev team for making L2 great again....this is wonderful lol, chronos server is already starting to smell better


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There should not even be a que system. Even before this latest expansion the servers were rarely at "High" capacity. Most of the time they were listed at "Normal" capacity & we didn't have any attack lag like we do now.

& that is even with no client limit, so 1....Client limit is not the answer. & 2...Cue system is not the answer.

However I would take a 7 client limit & No Cue system :)

Ncsoft will have to get this fixed soon because at this rate, I am sure their store sales will suffer. Players will not buy xp runes, etc. if there is no guarantee that they can even log in.


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This is the last straw !!!
As it is possible to disconnect the players who pay in the L2store, I buy runes and use only 3 accounts and they disconnect me, while other people use 7 BOT accounts and do not spend on runes ... great !! ... excellent solution !! .. Now I am upset .... I want compensation for my runes that I cannot use .. I was already passively enough time .. and you ended with my patience ..

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To everyone in this forum:
- Start thinking with your heads
- Unlimited boxes and server capacity are not the problem because there was not a single problem before fafurion supplemental update
- Limiting boxes and server capacity is just a band aid fix to a problem that is located elsewhere which they cannot find
- People have called to disable ranking system which is probably the culprit because if you noticed, everytime in game the screen goes red/orange and there is a useless message with some dude talking that noone cares about the server lags until this is gone. So whenever the server pushes something in mass to all players the server suffers.
- The only solution here: remove ranking system or make it update only once a day at reset or something similar, not in real-time.

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